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Annonces les plus récentes dans Platine tourne-disque

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TABLES BOIS; elac/dual/sansui/garrard/mseiki. TABLES BOIS; elac/dual/sansui/garrard/mseiki. bois Qq tables en bois.. fonctionnelles et propres ou tres propres. ferme. 438-877-6722 pm soir txt courr. ... prend certains ech audio 70s ... Dual 1229, rare. etat neuf. livret. 275$ Garrard zero cent, rare, a 170$ Micro Seiki a 170$ Sansui sr-212 a 150$ Elac 5050 angl a 150$ ... autres mod non bois disp pio, tech, sony, sansui, optonica. ... ch table est annoncee sep. ... mtl $0.00 CAN
TECHNICS SL-2000 125.00$ TECHNICS SL-2000 125.00$ Table fonctionnelle avec bonne aiguille. Le "Dust cover" n'es pas craqué et est très propre toutefois les pentures sont absente. 125.00$ ferme Elle es actuellement branché pour démo. Photos d'origines. Drummondville Drummondville $125.00 CAN
DUAL 1229, rare + livret DUAL 1229, rare + livret dual 1229 Mod aut, comme une neuve. livret incl. photos reelles. un des mod les + rech de Dual. rare et encore plus dans cet etat, non nego. villeray. 438-877-6722 pm soir txt courr ... ce mod est plus cher que les mod basic.. vu a 400$ vendue avec cart empire. vu; sur vinylnirvana; Dual 1229 Fully Automatic Turntable, Custom Solid Walnut Base, Fully Serviced! $595 plus shipping ... d un site de rep de tables dual; The 1229 was the full sized chassis Dual with a 12″ platter that they made in the 70s and it is without doubt the most sought after Dual. I’ve had a numerous amount of requests for this particular model and it’s been highly regarded as Duals most refined table. Some of the most cutting edge technology and features have been introduced on the 1229 table. It was a Hi Fi automatic turntable designed to professional standards, a table totally without compromise. It had the longest tonearm ever designed into an automatic turntable and was supported by four identical low-friction needle bearings in a gimble system, to assure the absolute minimum of pivot friction. ... d un site specialise ds les platines; The Dual 1229 turntable is the most sought after Dual turntable. More probably found in antique stores than yard sales or in dustbins, the heavy, extremely well built Dual 1229 has generated strong interest amongst the Dual turntables fandom for years. The 1229 is considered to be the culmination of decades of Dual’s technological innovation. Unusually, for a high fidelity turntable, the Dual 1229 is fully automatic. The low level of rumble experienced when listening to the 1229 is a real boon for the lazy vinyl listeners. Additionally, the Dual 1229 turntable is capable of playing multiple records at once, so there’s no longer any need to get up off the couch every 5 minutes to change those singles, but it s not good for the records,.. The automatic feature works smoothly and not having to monitor your spinning vinyl is mtl $280.00 CAN
Technics SL-2000 (Restauré) Technics SL-2000 (Restauré) - Restauré par professionnel. (+ de 50 ans d'expérience) - Entièrement démonté, nettoyé, lubrifié et ajusté. - Le système hydraulique purgé et remis à niveau. - Une nouvelle cartouche neuve a été installé. - le bras a été balancé. - les connecteurs RCA changé pour des neufs. - Couvercle est en excellente condition sans fissure. - Drummondville à 1 km de la sortie 181 de l'autoroute 20. - 819-850-5984 - Voir mes autres annonces... Drummondville $250.00 CAN
DENON DP-400 direct, cart Empire DENON DP-400 direct, cart Empire Belle table, un classique, direct, bois, man. tb etat. non nego. 514-583-5834. Description The Denon DP-2000 was available as a motor unit only, with a plinth and static balance type tonearm (DP-2500), with a large plinth and no tonearm (DP-2550) or with a heavyweight marble composite plinth (DP-2800). Specifications Drive system: Direct drive by AC servo motor Speed control: Frequency detection servo motor phase locked to a quartz crystal oscillator Speed: 33.33 and 45rpm Speed selection: Slide switch Wow and flutter: Less than 0.015% WRMS S/N ratio: Over 75dB (DIN-B rated) Starting time: Less than 1.5 seconds Absolute speed accuracy: Over 99.998% Turntable platter: Aluminium alloy diecast, 30cm diameter mtl $350.00 CAN
Lenco L-70 Lenco L-70 Table tournante Lenco l70 vintage . Bon etat esthetique et fonctionne bien . Cartouche Shure M3D montreal $295.00 CAN
Micro Seiki dd24 Micro Seiki dd24 micro seiki dd24 Direct drive, bois, complete. couvert soso, craque devant et marque dessus voir photo, prix plus bas pour cette raison. ferme. prend ech 70s audio. 438-877-6722 pm soir txt courr. ... Description From its overall performance characteristics to its attention to minute engineering details, the new Micro Seiki DD-24 has been designed to please even the most critical audiophile. The excellence in materials and workmanship is evident in every stage of its design and manufacture. High torque DC servo motor - Extreme speed stability together with increased torque have been achieved by using a special DC servo controlled motor. Temperature changes and voltage fluctuations have no effect on its rotational speed. And since the motor is connected directly to the platter, the resultant wow and flutter is less than 0.03% WRMS. In addition, this almost vibration-less unit provides a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 73 dB (DIN B) Precision machined platter - Close tolerance, high-precision machine technology is employed in engraving the stroboscope pattern and balancing the platter. You get unwavering speed accuracy. Statically balanced tonearm - Micro Seiki tonearms have won wide renown for their high sensitivity, precision engineering and use of high quality materials. The DD-24 tonearm uses a solid low resonance headshell so your cartridge's performance may be fully displayed. To further reduce resonance, damping material is employed throughout the tonearm mounting. Inside force canceller - This unique Micro Seiki mechanism corrects the tendency of an offset tonearm to favour the inner grooves of the record. It assures uniform stylus pressure between the left and right groove walls. The spring tension control is easily adjustable according to the tracking force you use. The controls - Soft touch, push buttons select power On/Off and rotational speeds. Both speeds (33 and 45 rpm) may be fine adjusted by 5%. Quick start - The tonearm is sync mtl $170.00 CAN
LA DUAL 1229 LA DUAL 1229 la 1229 est la plus recherché mécanisme simple et fiable .automatique et manuelle avec couvercle et cartouche. Montreal $450.00 CAN
SANSUI sr-212 semi aut, bois, courroi, mint SANSUI sr-212 semi aut, bois, courroi, mint sansui sr-212 bois Belle table semi aut, a courroi, tb etat, couvert tres propre fume. ferme. 438-877-6722 pm soir txt courr ... Description Sansui s fans have a winner in the new Sansui SR-212 automatic-return turntable, for not only is it made of carefully chosen precision components but it has been designed with particular emphasis on ease of operation, reliability and tonal quality. Among a multitude of features are a stable synchronous motor, full sized aluminium alloy die-cast platter, elaborate, statically balanced S-shaped tubular tonearm with skating force canceller, gold plated connector terminal pins, multiple suspension/insulation system to eliminate howling, and much more. Additionally there is a manual tonearm lifter that lets you lift or lower the tonearm at any desired point over the record, independently of the automatic mechanism. On what other medium priced turntable will you find all of these features? None, as far as we know. Sansui scores again with the SR-212 with consumer oriented quality, price and convenience. ... Specifications Type: two-speed, belt-driven, auto-cut and return turntable Platter: 300mm aluminium alloy die-cast Motor: 4-pole synchronous Speeds: 33 and 45rpm Signal to noise ratio: better than 45dB Wow and flutter: less than 0.1% Tonearm: statically balanced, s-shaped, tubular tonearm Effective length: 215mm Overhang: 10mm Cartridge: SC-37 induced magnet type Dimensions: 442 x 166 x 352mm Weight: 6.7kg -- mtl $0.00 CAN
REGA RP1 neuve pas de cellule REGA RP1 neuve pas de cellule REGA RP1 neuve pas de cellule payer 399$ demande 350$ ou meilleur offre , pleine garantie coleur titanium. Peut livrer casselman $350.00 CAN

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